Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blob 'Em Ready for Launch!

We are finally through with smashing and smooshing and squashing all the bugs, and are almost ready for worldwide release of BLOB 'EM!!

Blob 'Em is set for iphone release September 1, 2010.  Get ready to build 8-chains, blast away with the super cannon, and blob your friends!

This page will be the way for the game designers and programmers to interact with everyone!  And also, the best way to report bugs, request features and get support!

  • Smash up to 8 colors of blobs!
  • Get all the power-ups including the Super Cannon!  Lock and load!
  • Build up multiple chains!  Can you get an 8-chain?
  • Blob your friends!  Challenge your opponents!
  • Easy to Pick Up.  We Dare You to Put it Down.

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